Antiqua Arabesque Guitar Strings

Antigua Arabesque Guitar Strings


These are guitar strings made for classical guitars. Made for precision in your sound as you play. Available only from Sherry-Brener.

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Description and Particulars:
Bass Strings: Hand-wound, Silver-plated. Made in France.

Treble Strings: Diamond Gauged, Precision Nylon. Made in Argentina.

The word “Arabesque” can mean a type of music used to acoustically describe the atmosphere of the Arabic architecture found here and there in Spain. As you may know, the guitar’s lineage came from Arabian instruments.

“Arabesque” can also mean a form of Arabic decoration consisting of intertwined, flowing lines. By now, you should have in your mind the purpose and form of these wonderfully made guitar strings. Made for precision in your sound as you play the classical guitar, our line of Arabesque guitar strings will complement the moods you seek to evoke, and their compelling, magical sound will entice you to new heights of expertise.

If you have any questions about these guitar strings, please give us a call during our business hours at 312-427-5611.

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